Course Advisor
Dr. Barry W. McCarthy, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Sex Therapist, American University, Washington DC., USA (click here to know about Dr. McCarthy)
Course Director
Dr. Mahinder C. Watsa, MD (Bom), DCH (Bom), D(Obst), RCOG (London), AASECT (USA) Certified Sex Educator and Counsellor (click here to know about Dr. Watsa).
This sex therapy course has been specially designed to suit both, the busy family physician, as well as the specialist. It covers the essentials of sexology required for diagnosis and therapy, in a clear and comprehensive manner. The course has been formulated by a faculty of experts headed by Dr. Mahinder C. Watsa, a nationally recognized sex educator, counselor and therapist (click here to know about Dr. Watsa). The advisor for the course is Dr. Barry W. McCarthy, Professor of Psychology, American University, Washington D.C. who is well known for his excellent workshops on sexual dysfunctions. (click here to know about Dr. McCarthy).


This course is a step by step learning from biology to counselling and sex therapy covered in 4 months through 8 mailings including illustrations and one audio-cassette. Learn without stress at your own pace and time. The course is more than adequate to deal with sexual problems encountered in a clinic practice.


The course covers, among other topics, the essentials of sexual anatomy of the male and female, diagnosis, sex therapies and their application, common deviations, discussions on various illnesses affecting sexual function, masturbation, premature ejaculation, impotence and marital conflict.
Course Outline

Sexual anatomy, physiology and biology

Sexual problems in practice, history taking, symptoms, diagnosis, evaluation and management.

Sexual counselling; basic issues and psychotherapy.

Probable problems faced by beginner therapists.

Behavioral treatment of sexual problems; impotence;
  effects of illness, drugs and alcohol; STD and HIV/AIDS.

Premature ejaculation; sexual dysfunctions of the  female; the sexual factor in infertility; sexual factor
in pregnancy; sexual dissatisfaction.

Investigative modalities in sexual dysfunctions; sex
  in middle years; sex and the elderly; sexual arousal
  and erection guidelines.

Male and female sexual response; patterns of sexual
  response; sensate focus; sexual desire; strategies and treatment of inhibited sexual desire.

Behavioral strategies and techniques in sex therapy;
  management of sexual deviations; homosexuality;
  evaluating patients for sex therapy.
Registered Medical Practitioners and allied health professionals.
  Rs. 8,000/- within India
  Rs. 8,000/- plus postage charges for outside India
  Payment to be made in full at one time by Bank Draft in favour of MEDIKON, payable at Mumbai.

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We are confident that you will find the Course an interesting learning experience that will widen the scope of your practice. It does not confer any degree/diploma. An attractive certificate worthy of training is yours on successful completion of the Course.

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